Power (Chainsaw Man) VRChat Avatar / 3D Model

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Power, a vicious fiend known for eating birds is now available for VRChat!

This model makes use of Avatar Dynamics! Power's clothes and hair rustle and bend as she races to bully Denji. She doesn't show it, but she likes getting head pats >w<

Take off all of her clothes and give her a nice bath, but be careful where you touch! Danger lurks where you least expect it...


・.fbx model

・Rigged .blend file with IK controls

・.png textures (8+1 Outline mask & PSD files)

・Preconfigured Unity package (base & GoGo Loco version)


・104,208 triangles (All clothes)

・Reactions for hair pulling & head patting

・Interactive hair, cheeks, necktie, blazer, chest & butt

・All clothes are toggleable (Fully undressable)

・14 gestures (Left-hand eyes, right-hand mouth)

・Full-body & eye-tracking


GoGo Loco (Optional): https://booth.pm/en/items/3290806
Poiyomi Toon Shader: https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader
VRCSDK3 Avatars: https://vrchat.com/home/download


23/03/03 v1.4:
・Fixed smug expression
・Adjusted anchor overrides for better light probe blending
・Disabled eye & mouth tracking when using gestures where appropriate
・Added a separate prefab for GoGo Loco users
Full changelog: https://pastebin.com/yUMMB7XN


Do not upload this avatar as Public

Do not take credit for the avatar

Do not share or redistribute the model

You can modify the model as you see fit

You can sell modifications of this model if the other party also owns the model


Twitter: @tomaterasu
Discord: veynam#2332

Please contact me if you run into issues or need assistance setting up the avatar

Special thanks to RipperG, Utata, Fenriswaffles, Ulmafar & Yukibachi - Your support and feedback were invaluable. Thank you <3

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A high-quality model of Power ready for uploading


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Power (Chainsaw Man) VRChat Avatar / 3D Model

2 ratings